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about top model runway contest


Top Runway Model




We are not a model agency; we are a modeling scouting company.


Over 25-year combined experience working with fashion weeks, tv producer, modeling agencies, we have united to form the TRM.


Top Runway Model is a global model scout, aiming to bring new faces to the top international modeling agencies.   The Top model's world agencies are searching for new faces, and we are here to facilitate the scouting process.  


All models welcome. 


As a model, we do understand the difficulties and lengthy process to know who is who in the industry and how frustrated it can be in the process to successfully submit your picture or portfolio for consideration in the fashion and or modeling industry. 


We also understand how busy modeling agencies can be, so we serve as the platform that mainly connects industry professionals like models, photographers, modeling agencies, and producers to do business together.


TRM is a convention program where your portfolio will have the opportunity to be seen and or review by potential model agencies,  book jobs with celebrity photographers, magazines, advertising agencies, production companies, and more.


There is a high demand for the model in all category, Kids, males and female all age, all group, modelCurvy-Plus   model, and Kid models, Petite, male and female) (Classic model, male and female) (Top models   


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NOTE: Don't worry if you have a height issue;  you don't have to be a Tall model anymore. Due to the high demands,  top fashion agencies are looking for all models type because there is a vast commercial market that is always open to all heights models.



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