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Modeling tours during fashion week in NY, Parish, Washington DC, Dominican Republic, Dubai

Want to elevate your Modeling Career? Join our Exclusive Tours to Fashion Weeks Worldwide"


1.  Registration: Sign up for our modeling tour to Fashionweeks Tour by purchasing a package and submitting your portfolio, measurements, and relevant experience.

2. Selection Process: Our expert panel will work with you to select opportunities based on your potential, unique style, and market demand.

3. Preparations and Training: Once selected, our team will assist you in arranging to help you refine your skills, providing professional training in ramp walking, posing, and photo shoots. You will also receive guidance on grooming, styling, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle online and in person.

4. International Arrangements: Models works with a manager to ensure all travel and accommodation arrangements, providing our participants with a smooth and hassle-free experience.

5. Runway Opportunities: As part of our modeling tour, you will have the incredible opportunity to walk on prestigious fashion runways during fashion weeks worldwide, showcasing designs from renowned designers and brands.

6. Exposure and Networking: In addition to runway shows, you will attend industry events, after-parties, and networking sessions. You will connect with industry professionals, photographers, agents, and fellow models, expanding your network and opening doors for future opportunities.

7. Post-Tour Support: Even after the tour concludes, we provide ongoing support and guidance, helping you leverage your experience to further your modeling career.

Join our modeling tour to fashion weeks and take your modeling aspirations to new heights in the global fashion industry!

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Get discover.  TRM Magazine is been submit  to must modeling agency to promote the Model Scout  Hub

TRM - CLASSIC  Package $499.99

  • Runway Fashion show

  •  Step & Repeat + Backstage video

  • Editorial photo

  • Personalize Promo video

  • (20) Professionally edited photos

  • 1 Highlight Reel

Top Fashion Models


Elevate your portfolio with our Editorial Packages for a chanse to be feature in magazine covers.

TRM - MAGAZINE feature Package 

  • 1/4 page  $249

  • 1/2 page $350

  • Full page 599


Gain international recognition by be participate in the must important fashion week  in the world.

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