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As a part of the Amazon Short Series, join the Model Convention to elevate your Modeling Career.

The modeling convention offers aspiring models a comprehensive experience to elevate their careers. The package includes enrolling in our TRM Convention, which allows you to participate in many  Fashion shows. You can select international participation based on your potential, unique style, and market demand. 


Additionally, the modeling convention offers professional training in ramp walking, posing, and photo shoots to prepare you for the runway. You will have the incredible opportunity to walk on prestigious fashion runways during fashion weeks worldwide, showcasing designs from renowned designers and brands.


Moreover, attending industry events, after-parties, and networking sessions will give you exposure and networking opportunities. You will connect with industry professionals, photographers, agents, and fellow models, expanding your network and opening doors for future opportunities.


As a bonus, participants in the model's tours will have a highlight with our media partners such as Celebrity News, Entertainment Monthly News, Entertainment Post, Famous Time, Influencer Daily, Kivo Daily, Los Angeles Week, The Wall Street Times, New York Weekly, New York Wire, Net Worth, and US Insider.


The package price for our modeling tour is USD 3500, and we also offer a financial option, so you can use or join now and pay later at checkout.

PACKAGE INCLUDES-------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Hotel room in double occupancy

  • Transportation ticket

  • Meals

  • Full Photoshoot

  • Promotional Times Square billboard

  • Part of the Amazon Prime Shorts Series

  • Model Travel kit (T-shirt, Bag, bottle)

March 13-17, 2025, Dominican Republic

Package $3500 USA dollars, financial available, use or join now pay later plan at check out


MORE OPPORTUNITY--------------------------------------

Cover (2).png


Get discover.  TRM Magazine is been submit  to must modeling agency to promote the Model Scout  Hub

TRM - CLASSIC  Package $499.99

  • Runway Fashion show

  •  Step & Repeat + Backstage video

  • Editorial photo

  • Personalize Promo video

  • (20) Professionally edited photos

  • 1 Highlight Reel

Top Fashion Models


Elevate your portfolio with our Editorial Packages for a chance to be featured on magazine covers.


Photoshoot, Hair Make up

Two changes of Outfits


TRM - MAGAZINE feature Package 

  • 1/4 page  $249

  • 1/2 page $350

  • Full page 599

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