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  • Is Top Runway Models a modeling agency?
    No. TRM is a modeling competition, that provide visibility and exposure to potential models.
  • Is modeling contest worth the time?
    Yes. This is the easiest way to experience the modeling industry and see if it's the right fit for you.
  • I am not a tall model, should I compete?"
    Yes. Due to a high demand in the model industry, top agency have create a special department for petite, plusize, curvy models. There are many print jobs that they need to fullfield.
  • How can I start?
    You must first start at the Regional level and move toward National, International, to eneter World level competition.
  • What is the minimun age to participate?
    Minimum age is 5 years old.
  • Can I have my own team to work with me?
    Yes. You could work with your own makeup, hair, styles, designer team. But if you need help we could suggest some contact in this areas for your consideration.
  • I am signed with an modeling agency, Can I enter a the modeling contest?"
    Maybe, maybe not. It all dependes on your contract. You must first contact your modeling agency and ask them about any written permission in order for your to particpate.
  • Will Top Runway Models, contact my agency for pemission for me to enter to contest?"
    NO. TRM will not contact any agency. You are entering this contest at your own risk. You must contact your modeling agency and request all the written permission and document that you need.
  • Do I need to travel to other States or Country in order to compete?
    Maybe, Maybe not. All the depends on your contest level and your legislator or representative.
  • Will my travel expenses be covered by Top Runway Models?
    NO. TRM will not pay for any travel or hotel expenses, unless otherwise specified in writing. Everyone is responsible for their own expenses.
  • Can I represent any city or state that I want?
    Maybe, Maybe not. You must be a legal residence of the area that you representing, unless otherwised agreed with your delegate.
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