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The  Contest

Join the fast-growing prestigious modeling competition in the USA.  2018 Top Runway Models in New York City!



The Top model agencies of the world are in search of new faces, and we are here to facilitate the scouting process. 


Top Runway Models contest primary goal is to help you get your credentials in front of the top international modeling agency of the world. To help boost your career, help you take advantage of many opportunities.  As a title winner, you will be the spoken person for Top Runway Models (“TRM”) in your category during 2018.  As well as traveling to different states and countries, appearing in media and tv show interviews, radio, print media, fashion shows, upscale events and more.


Enjoy a weekend of competition and sightseeing in NYC, visit time square, Mrs. Liberty and more.  Be part of the upcoming promotional photoshoots, fashion show parties, and more at the National level competition.


Apply Today! Be discover, boost your career and start the rise to a new career in the modeling industry.


What's Included?

Social media presence, venue, photoshoots, sightseeing, TRM Satin Sash, Runway Seminars, and Parties!


See you in New York City 2018!



Contestants must meet Division category description to apply:

Top Male and Female models (male and female),

Classic model (male and female

Petite model (female only)

Curvy-Plusize model (female only)

Kid models:  (5 years + male and female)



The TRM roundtable team and panel of judges has over 30 years of combined experiences working in the modeling industry, print, fashion show, tv commercial, and more.  Including but not limited to former Miss Universe, ANTM judges, fashion designer celebrity and more.


Top Runway Model will ensure that you can get a hand on experience by helping you become part of some of the local events held in a city near you.  Events like a fashion show, gala, public appearances, photo shoots and more.   



Take advantage of the alliance Top Runway Models has created with many States and Countries to help you try different scenarios and opportunities.  Our goal is to help you get in front of the top agencies in the world to have your big break.  





20% (of overall score)

As contestants, you will have the opportunity to create a robust top model photo, for print purpose. Judging will be based on pose-ability to connect to the camera and their message.




30% (of overall score)

Contestants will be judged on their walk, the ability to walk with high heels as well as showcase their garment.                

All contestants will work with their beauty team, or TRM could recommend a team member. The decision is solely responsible on the contestant. Additional fees may apply




25% (of overall score)

All contestants must wear a full-length gown of their choice. The style, design, and color are up to the contest.  Male model will use a formal suit; It can be elaborate, or very simple. Remember, you can look like a million bucks without spending a million dollars! Judging will be based on poise, stage presence, and style.




25% (of overall score)

SWIMWEAR (for adult’s contestant only)

SPORTSWEAR (for kid’s contestant)  

Contestants may wear swimwear or sportswear in this category.  This category is based on runway present body confidence.  Height and measurements are not a factor.


NOTE:  Top Runway Models (TRM) is not a beauty contest,  this event is far beyond beauty, Its about finding the next Super Model, (TOP RUNWAY MODEL of the world) and that one can be YOU!


To register at the national division, you must have first won the regional branch of your state or country of representation, but if you don't have a legal register director in your area, you could apply for the national division and pay a registration fee of $500 US.
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